Uniformity of Lower Division Transfer Requirements

Resolution Number
Paul Setziol
Assigned to
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

Whereas the educational needs of the student should be uppermost in the minds of educators in community colleges, state university and California university systems, and

Whereas many students who have transferred and/or graduated from our community colleges have not been accepted as third year (Junior) students in many disciplines, and

Whereas this action creates both a financial and psychological hardship on many students, and

Whereas the community colleges of California are capable of providing lower division courses for nearly all disciplines, and

Whereas the curriculum for all disciplines should be similar in all California colleges and universities for each year of progress in order to aid the student in completing his/her education in the shortest time possible and with consistency, and

Whereas the California student should be able to change institutions at any time during his/her post secondary education and be guaranteed a curriculum that will be accepted from one institution to another be it community college, CSU or UC system, and

Whereas all the educational institutions in California should be working in concert to assist the student to successfully complete his/her educational goals, and

Whereas funding for all public educational institutions comes from one main source, the California state budget,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges initiate a dialogue with the CSU and the UC senates to develop a discipline by discipline transfer curriculum, that meets the lower division requirements for each discipline system-wide.