Update Chancellor’s Office Document Alternatives to In-Person Consultations: Cooperative Work Experience Education

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CTE Leadership Committee
Career Technical Education
Status Report

04.23.21: Recommendation to review 5C’s updates of Title 5 Article 4 “Cooperative Work Experience Education” to determine how & when to review senate documents related to alternatives to in-person consultations. 

Fall 2023- New Title 5 regulations passed in 2022 and chaptered in 2023 address issue. 

Whereas, Title 5 §55255(a)(1-3) refers to in-person consultations with students and with employers as a responsibility of cooperative work experience instructor/coordinators and a requirement of cooperative work experience programs;

Whereas, Title 5 §55255(c) states, “In certain limited situations that will be defined in guidelines issued by the Chancellor, the district may substitute approved alternatives to ‘in person’ consultations. The guidelines will specify the types of alternatives which districts may approve and the circumstances under which they may be used. In establishing and maintaining guidelines on such alternatives, the Chancellor shall consult with, and rely primarily on the advice and judgment of the statewide Academic Senate and shall provide a reasonable opportunity for comment by other statewide and regional representative groups”, and the Chancellor’s Office document Alternatives to In-Person Consultations: Cooperative Work Experience Education [1]was published in May 2009 in response to this regulation but has not been updated since; and

Whereas, Synchronous video conference applications have evolved significantly in the ten years since the document was last updated and can be used to effectively conduct meetings between cooperative work experience instructors/coordinators, students, and supervisors, particularly in situations where distance makes in-person consultations difficult or the familiarity of the student or supervisors with college cooperative work experience instructors/coordinators lessens the need to consult in person;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the California Internship and Work Experience Association to update the May 2009 document Alternatives to In- Person Consultation: Cooperative Work Experience Education by December 2020 and disseminate the updated information widely.


[1] https://www.mendocino.edu/sites/default/files/docs/work-experience/Repo…