Update System Guidance for Noncredit Curriculum

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Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee
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Status Report

There are two actions needed to fully address the resolution. One, updating the Senate Paper Noncredit Instruction: Opportunity and Challenge, is in progress with the development of an outline at end of Spring 2016. Writing has been slow but should be finished in summer 2017 with the document ready for Exec review and consideration by the body at Fall Plenary 2017. The second, working with the Chancellor's Office to update the Noncredit At-A-Glance document, is underway albeit slowly. The Noncredit Committee chair met with Chantee Guiney of the Chancellor's Office about revising/updating the document and making sure the content is different than the paper under development. Chantee had plans to work on it in Spring 2017 and intended to have the Noncredit Chair review it then share it with 5C before release to the field.

Whereas, Changes to regulations governing course repeatability, the recent efforts at realigning adult education (AB 86 and AB 104, Budget Committee, 2013), the recent equalization of funding for Career Development and College Preparation (CDCP) noncredit class apportionment with credit class apportionment, the ongoing funding for student success efforts including Basic Skills, Equity, and Student Success and Support Programs, and the Recommendations of the California Community Colleges Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy (August 14, 2015)  are all resulting in an increased focus on the use noncredit instruction to improve student success and close equity gaps in basic skills as well as provide additional options for preparation for courses in career and technical education programs; and

Whereas, Both the Chancellor’s Office document Noncredit at a Glance, published in 2006, and the Academic Senate paper Noncredit Instruction: Opportunity and Challenge, adopted by the body in Spring 2009, are outdated and require revision in order to reflect the recent changes to credit course repeatability and potential use of noncredit as an alternative to course repetition, the efforts to realign adult education, the changes to CDCP noncredit funding, and the current focus on career technical education programs and workforce development and to provide timely and relevant guidance to the field in these and other areas;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Chancellor’s Office and other system partners to revise the 2006 document Noncredit at a Glance or create a new document on noncredit that provides timely and relevant guidance to the field on the appropriate implementation of noncredit curriculum, programs, and instruction; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges update its paper Noncredit Instruction: Opportunity and Challenge, adopted by the body in Spring 2009, no later than Spring 2017 to include recent developments affecting noncredit, including using noncredit to improve equity and close the achievement gap, leveraging Career Development/College Preparation equalization funding, and addressing an increased emphasis on adult basic skills and workforce education.