Web Sites/Home Pages

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Technology Committee
Status Report

The Committee and its members accomplished portions of this goal by working with their local senates and with other local senates to promote cross system linkages. As well the ASCCC Staff continued to develop the ASCCC web presence in the form of several websites While guidelines for local senate websites have not been developed the ASCCC website has some of the options listed in this goal already completed. As per the Committee's primary charter item "e" has been accomplished.

Whereas the year 2000 is quickly approaching, and

Whereas the possibilities of electronic communication are expanding and improving at a rapid pace;

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to increase and improve communication through the electronic medium by:
a. Assisting and encouraging local senates to help their colleges develop a college web site,
b. Assisting and encouraging local senates to develop a local senate home page with links to the State Senate, the Board of Governors and the Chancellor's Office,
c. Improving the State Senate's home page to provide a link to local senates, the Chancellor's Office, and the Board of Governors,
d. Creating a template that local senates could use for their own homepage,
e. Presenting breakouts and main speakers/demonstrations at future sessions beginning in Spring l997 to help local senates create home pages and web sites, and to provide opportunities for local senates to demonstrate their local accomplishments in the electronic communication medium.