Welfare to Education Then to Work

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Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Financial Aid
Status Report

The Legislative Committee chair is working with the chair of the Welfare Ad Hoc Committee on this issue. Update 6/25/2015: The ASCCC continues to advocate for the basic principle that education is crucial in transitioning individuals from welfare to the workforce. TANF expired in 2011, making the remaining resolves moot.

Whereas occupational and liberal arts education programs are valid, documented avenues to meaningful nonsubsidized employment and career development, and

Whereas current federal and state legislation prohibits education/training programs longer than 18 months, thus denying numerous employment and career opportunities to TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) recipients who want and who would benefit from such education, and

Whereas it is anticipated that TANF recipients will be directed to find employment within four weeks and only those who cannot be placed will be referred to educational programs and that these students will require more, not less, education, particularly in basic skills,

Resolved that the Academic Senate promote education as the primary option in the welfare to work state and federal legislation, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate pursue legislation that allows: 1) additional time for program completion for those students who are nearly college- or training-ready and who need to address basic skills deficits 2) additional time for program completion for those students pursuing degrees and certificates longer than the 18 months allowed by current state legislation 3) all Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) recipients to be assessed and referred for training/education prior to mandating work placement 4) one hour of classroom time to generate three hours of work credit following federal law regarding Carnegie Unit requirements, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Board of Governors to seek federal legislation that would change the TANF federal code to allow TANF recipients the option of pursuing a college education in a welfare-to-work plan.