Work-Based Learning Support

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Vocational Education Committee
Career Technical Education
Status Report

The Work Based Learning group is doing two breakouts at Vocational Leadership and there will be a follow-up Rostrum article.

Whereas, The effectiveness of work experience coordinators in collaborating with college committees and the academic senates varies widely by district;

Whereas, The faculty understanding of and support for work-based learning varies widely across the state; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate by resolutions 20.05 F98, 21.03 F99 supports the goals of work-based learning, and 6.03 S00 supports the goals of service learning that parallels the ideals and value of work based learning experiences;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges investigate best practices for effective collaborations between work experience programs and local faculty and senates and provide to faculty some recommendations for strengthening these relationships.MSC Disposition: Local Senates