Workforce Preparation/Development - Federal Legislation

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Career Technical Education

Whereas current federal legislation regarding workforce preparation (block grants) and development is under consideration (Goodling and Kassenbaum), and

Whereas California's preparation for the block-grant legislation has been to assign the Employment Development Department's State Job Training Coordinating Council (SJTCC) as the major planning body for workforce preparation, and

Whereas other states in the nation have demonstrated the wisdom to assign the lead planning role to the educational systems which are responsible for workforce preparation (education and training),

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge the Board of Governors to immediately act to pursue the amendments to federal legislation which would designate the state education agency(ies) primarily responsible for vocational and noncredit education and training as having the lead role for the workforce preparation (education and training) portion of the block grants and would designate the employment services portion (unemployment data systems and services) of block grants be led by the state agency(ies) responsible for employment development.
M/S/U Disposition: Board of Governors, Ca Dept of Ed, CCCAOE, Employment Development Dept, Executive Committee, Legislature, SJTCC

Status Report: 

This goal was accomplished with the agreement in ICA related to SB 1399.