Service at the State Level


Each year the Academic Senate appoints faculty members to the statewide Standing Committees, Chancellor's Office advisory committees, and task forces. We actively solicit faculty nominations to serve on these groups at our plenary sessions & institutes, and through mailings & personal contact. Last year the Senate appointed more than 350 faculty members to serve on groups that help shape statewide education policies. However, requests for faculty volunteers still outnumber faculty willing to serve.

If you are willing to serve on a statewide committee or would like to nominate others to serve, please complete the Faculty application for Statewide Service. We are particularly interested in providing leadership opportunities to faculty members who have no previous experience in serving on statewide groups. Faculty with prior experience are also needed and are encouraged to nominate colleagues they think would be interested in serving. There is a full range of academic and professional groups for faculty interested in serving. The timeline for appointments begins in August and continues throughout the year. 

For the 2017 – 2018 Term, we need faculty representatives for the following groups:

Assessment Committee

Basic Skills Advisory Committee

IEIPI – ASK Enrollment Management

IEIPI – ASK Technical Assistance

IEIPI – ASK Policy Group

IEIPI – ASK Data Integration

IEIPI – ASK Guided Pathways

IEIPI – ASK Integrated Planning

OEI – Academic Affairs Workgroup

Telecommunications & Technology Advisory Committee (TTAC)

Expository Reading & Writing Course Steering Committee

Please Note: Completing an Application for Statewide Service does not commit you to service on a committee but instead informs us of your interest in serving. Committee Chairs or the Senate Office will contact those who have been selected to fill openings on committees. We encourage you to make copies of the Application for Statewide Service (listed under Attachments below) for other colleagues you feel may be interested in serving on a committee. Please remember that serving at the state level helps all faculty become more informed about those issues that are critical to California educators. Thank you for your assistance in helping us find faculty to serve at the state level.


Senate Committee Appointment Process