Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
09.02 2021 Spring Curriculum Develop a Rubric for Ethnic Studies Courses and Ethnic Studies Competencies Curriculum Committee
09.06 2021 Spring Curriculum Develop a Rubric for Ethnic Studies Courses for CSU General Education Area F Curriculum Committee
09.07 2021 Spring Curriculum Defining Ethnic Studies and its Four Core Disciplines Curriculum Committee
09.09 2021 Spring Curriculum Reinstatement of Non-substantive Revision Category for the Program and Course Approval Handbook Curriculum Committee
09.01 2019 Spring Curriculum Course Basic (CB) 21 Rubrics for Coding Course Outcomes Curriculum Committee
15.01 2019 Spring Intersegmental Issues Response to California State University Admission Restrictions Due to Impaction ICAS Representatives
15.02 2019 Spring Intersegmental Issues Support for the CSU United States History, Constitution and American Ideals Requirement, Commonly Known as the American Institutions Requirement Curriculum Committee
15.03 2019 Spring Intersegmental Issues Encourage Accelerating Timeline for General Education Articulation ICAS Representatives
17.03 2018 Spring Local Senates Reduce Course Enrollment Maximums as Needed to Satisfy New State Directives Curriculum Committee
17.03 2017 Spring Local Senates Local Senate Purview and Apprenticeship Programs Curriculum Committee
09.06 2016 Spring Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes Assessment is a Curricular Matter Curriculum Committee
09.10 2016 Spring Curriculum Review and Reform of Curriculum and Instruction Regulations Curriculum Committee
09.12 2016 Spring Curriculum Prioritize Data Integrity Curriculum Committee
18.02 2016 Spring Matriculation Placement Model for Transfer Statistics Using High School Transcript Data Curriculum Committee
09.01 2015 Spring Curriculum Curriculum Processes and Effective Practices Curriculum Committee
09.02 2015 Spring Curriculum Chancellor’s Office Interpretation of Education Code and Title 5 Regulations Curriculum Committee
09.03 2015 Spring Curriculum The Carnegie Units Worksheet Curriculum Committee
09.02 2012 Spring Curriculum Local Implementation of C-ID Curriculum Committee
09.03 2012 Spring Curriculum Implementing Prerequisites for Enhancing Student Success Curriculum Committee
09.05 2012 Spring Curriculum Submit Courses to C-ID Curriculum Committee
09.05 2011 Spring Curriculum Local Senate Oversight of All College Offerings Curriculum Committee
15.01 2011 Spring Intersegmental Issues Reciprocity for TMC Courses in Associate Degrees for Transfer Curriculum Committee
18.04 2011 Spring Matriculation Academic Credit for Veterans and Military Service Members Curriculum Committee
09.01 2009 Spring Curriculum Meeting Ethnic Studies Requirement Curriculum Committee
09.03 2009 Spring Curriculum Pilot Project for Basic Skills Prerequisite Applications to General Education Courses Curriculum Committee