Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
05.01 2022 Spring Budget and Finance Request Funding for Mental Health Resources, Services, and Professional Learning Legislative and Advocacy Committee, Equity and Diversity Action Committee
09.01 2022 Spring Curriculum Definition and Guidance for Cross-Listing Courses Curriculum Committee
09.02 2022 Spring Curriculum Co-Requisites and Pre-Requisites of Intermediate Algebra and Articulation and C-ID Alignment Curriculum Committee, C-ID Leadership
09.03 2022 Spring Curriculum Develop Lower Division GE Pathway for CCC Baccalaureate Degree Programs Curriculum Committee
09.05 R 2022 Spring Curriculum Defining Competencies for Associate Degree Requirements Curriculum Committee, Executive Committee
09.06 2022 Spring Curriculum Professional Learning Support for Increased Faculty Understanding and Further Discussion on the Impact of AB928 (Berman, 2021) Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2021 on Local Colleges President, Curriculum Committee
19.01 2022 Spring Cultural Humility Driving Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism, and Accessibility (IDEAA) Work Executive Committee, Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.01 2021 Fall Diversity and Equity Resources for Racial Justice and Critical Race Theory Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.02 2021 Fall Diversity and Equity Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Curriculum Committee
07.02 2021 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office HyFlex Modality Accounting and Apportionment Curriculum Committee, 5C
09.01 2021 Fall Curriculum Adding Culturally Responsive Curriculum, Equity Mindedness and Anti-Racism to Course Outline of Record (COR) Requirements in Title 5 Curriculum Committee, 5C
09.02 2021 Fall Curriculum Update Baccalaureate Degree Handbook Curriculum Committee
19.01 2021 Fall Professional Standards Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-Focused Hiring Practices Equity and Diversity Action Committee
09.02 2021 Spring Curriculum Develop a Rubric for Ethnic Studies Courses and Ethnic Studies Competencies Curriculum Committee
09.06 2021 Spring Curriculum Develop a Rubric for Ethnic Studies Courses for CSU General Education Area F Curriculum Committee
09.07 2021 Spring Curriculum Defining Ethnic Studies and its Four Core Disciplines Curriculum Committee
09.09 2021 Spring Curriculum Reinstatement of Non-substantive Revision Category for the Program and Course Approval Handbook Curriculum Committee
03.01 2020 Fall Diversity and Equity Support The Anti-Racism Pledge Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.04 2020 Fall Diversity and Equity Develop Resources on Effective Practices for Anti-Racist, Equitable, and Inclusive Instructional Strategies Equity and Diversity Action Committee
09.02 2020 Fall Curriculum Update Paper on Local Curriculum Committees Curriculum Committee
09.03 2020 Fall Curriculum Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement Curriculum Committee
09.04 2020 Fall Curriculum Clarify and Strengthen the Ethnic Studies General Education Requirement Curriculum Committee
18.01 2020 Fall Matriculation Paper and Resources for Evaluating Placement in English, English as a Second Language, and Mathematics Pathways Curriculum Committee
21.01 2020 Fall Career Technical Education Critical Support for Early Childhood Education/Child Development Programs Curriculum Committee
09.03 2019 Fall Curriculum Adopt Updated Course Basic (CB) 21 Rubrics for Coding English as a Second Language (ESL) Course Outcomes Curriculum Committee