Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
03.02 2006 Fall Equity and Diversity Surveying Equity and Diversity in Co-Curricular Programs Equity and Diversity Action Committee
04.04 2006 Fall Articulation and Transfer Transfer Curriculum Preparation Curriculum Committee
09.01 2006 Fall Curriculum Academic Integrity in Courses Offered in Shortened Time Frames Curriculum Committee
09.02 2006 Fall Curriculum Eliminate the word "Transfer" in Degree Titles Curriculum Committee
09.03 2006 Fall Curriculum Reaffirm the Need for Information Competency Curriculum Committee
09.05 2006 Fall Curriculum Stand-alone Course Approval Implementation Curriculum Committee
09.10 2006 Fall Curriculum Student Record Currency Curriculum Committee
11.01 2006 Fall Technology Total Cost of Information Technology Technology Committee
11.02 2006 Fall Technology High Instructional Standards in all Instructional Modalities Curriculum Committee
11.03 2006 Fall Technology Distance Education Survey Reports Technology Committee
14.01 2006 Fall Grading Minimum Grade Requirement for Associate Degree Courses Curriculum Committee
18.03 2006 Fall Matriculation Honoring the Assessment Scores of Other Community Colleges Curriculum Committee
03.01 2006 Spring Equity and Diversity Student Equity Initiatives Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.02 2006 Spring Equity and Diversity Faculty Hiring Training Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.04 2006 Spring Equity and Diversity Establishment of District EEO Plan Advisory Committee Equity and Diversity Action Committee
03.05 2006 Spring Equity and Diversity Equal Employment Opportunity Best Practices Equity and Diversity Action Committee
09.01 2006 Spring Curriculum Alternative Mathematics and English Courses Curriculum Committee
09.05 2006 Spring Curriculum Examine Processes for Establishing Prerequisites Curriculum Committee
09.06 2006 Spring Curriculum Support for Participation in SACC Curriculum Committee
09.07 2006 Spring Curriculum Improve the Program Approval Process Curriculum Committee
09.09 2006 Spring Curriculum Academic Integrity in Short-Term Courses Curriculum Committee
09.09.01 2006 Spring Curriculum Amend Resolution 9.09 Curriculum Committee
09.10 2006 Spring Curriculum Clarify Title 5 on Degree-applicability of Courses Curriculum Committee
11.01 2006 Spring Technology E-texts Technology Committee