Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
01.05 2023 Spring Academic Senate Higher Education and the Health of Democracy: In Solidarity with CSU Faculty Colleagues to Preserve the American Institutions Requirement Executive Committee In Progress
06.06 2023 Spring State and Legislative Issues In Support of Completing Cycle Two of the Baccalaureate Program Approval Process President, Executive Committee Completed
01.02 2022 Fall Academic Senate Development of Noncredit Resources and Inclusion into ASCCC Strategic Planning Executive Committee, Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee Assigned
01.04 R 2022 Fall Academic Senate Alternating Area Meeting Days Standards and Practices Committee, Executive Committee In Progress
15.02 2022 Fall Intersegmental Issues Options for Transfer Students Enrolled Prior to the Implementation of CalGETC Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee, ICAS Representatives
15.05 2022 Fall Intersegmental Issues Propose Definitions for Baccalaureate Degree Duplication and Non-Duplication President, ICAS Representatives
01.02 2022 Spring Academic Senate Adding Anti-Racism to the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges’ Vision Statement Executive Committee In Progress
03.02 2022 Spring Diversity and Equity Adopt the DEI in Curriculum Model Principles and Practices Framework Executive Committee Completed
06.04 2022 Spring State and Legislative Issues Students’ Right to Choose to Take a Pre-Transfer Level English or Mathematics Course Executive Committee
09.05 R 2022 Spring Curriculum Defining Competencies for Associate Degree Requirements Curriculum Committee, Executive Committee
13.03 2022 Spring General Concerns Establish ASCCC Rising Scholars Faculty Advisory Committee Executive Committee Completed
13.04 2022 Spring General Concerns Establish Rising Scholars Faculty Liaisons Executive Committee Completed
19.01 2022 Spring Cultural Humility Driving Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism, and Accessibility (IDEAA) Work Executive Committee, Equity and Diversity Action Committee Completed
13.02 2021 Fall General Concerns In Support of Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in the Interest of Safe Learning Environments Executive Committee Assigned
20.01 R 2021 Fall Students Improve Math and English Outcomes by Expanding Access and Addressing COVID-19 Related Learning Disruption Executive Committee To be Addressed
03.03 2021 Spring Diversity and Equity Denounce Anti-Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Racism Executive Committee Assigned
09.03 2021 Spring Curriculum Asserting Faculty Primacy in Teaching Modality Executive Committee Assigned
20.03 2021 Spring Students Support for Students Affected by the Military Coup in Myanmar Executive Committee Assigned
08.01 R 2020 Fall Counseling Counseling Faculty and the 50% Law Executive Committee
03.05 2019 Fall Diversity and Equity Acknowledge Extended Opportunity Programs and Services’ 50 Years of Student Success Executive Committee Completed
05.03 R 2019 Fall Budget and Finance Assess How Alignment of Timeframes for AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) and the Student Centered Funding Formula for ESL Students Inequitably Impact Funding for Colleges Serving High Percentages of ESL Students Executive Committee Assigned
05.03.01 R 2019 Fall Budget and Finance Amend Resolution 5.03 F19 Executive Committee Assigned
05.04 R 2019 Fall Budget and Finance Include Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses Equivalent to Transfer-Level English in the Student Centered Funding Formula Executive Committee
07.03 R 2019 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Include Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) in the Student Success Metrics (SSM) Executive Committee Assigned
07.04 R 2019 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Convene the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Assessment Committee for Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) Executive Committee Assigned