Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
07.01 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office LGBT MIS Data Collection and Dissemination Executive Committee
07.04 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Economic Workforce Development (EWD) Program Evaluation Executive Committee
07.05 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Review of Chancellor’s Office Oversight of Initiatives Executive Committee
10.01 2015 Fall Disciplines List Minimum Qualifications for Instruction of Upper Division Courses at the California Community Colleges Executive Committee
13.01 2015 Fall General Concerns Addition of Course Identification Numbers (C-ID) to College Catalogs and Student Transcripts Executive Committee
13.03 2015 Fall General Concerns Opposition to Compensation for Adoption of Open Educational Resources Executive Committee
13.04 2015 Fall General Concerns Faculty Participation and Leadership in CTE Regional Consortia Executive Committee
13.05 2015 Fall General Concerns Condolences for Colleges and Universities Affected By Violence Executive Committee
15.01 2015 Fall Intersegmental Issues Adoption of Statement on Competencies in the Natural Sciences Executive Committee
01.03 2015 Spring Academic Senate Adopt the 2015-2018 ASCCC Strategic Plan Executive Committee
12.01 2015 Spring Faculty Development Faculty Recognition Relations with Local Senates Committee
16.01 2015 Spring Library and Learning Resources Update the Paper Textbook Issues: Economic Pressures and Academic Values Executive Committee
17.01 2015 Spring Local Senates Adopt the Paper The Local Senates Handbook Relations with Local Senates Committee
17.04 2015 Spring Local Senates Collegial Consultation with Local Senates on Student Learning Outcomes Policies and Procedures Relations with Local Senates Committee