Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
13.05 2022 Spring General Concerns Advocate for State and Local Rising Scholars Funding to Support Faculty Professional Learning Legislative and Advocacy Committee Assigned
13.10 2009 Spring General Concerns Recommendation of Administrative Candidates Faculty Leadership Development Committee Completed
13.01 2003 Fall General Concerns Feasibility of Common Statewide Assessment Tests Unassigned Completed
13.02 2003 Spring General Concerns Faculty Senate President Compensation During the Summer Unassigned Ongoing
13.03 2003 Spring General Concerns Corporate Governance Models Unassigned Ongoing
13.04 2003 Spring General Concerns Faculty Staffing Unassigned Completed
13.01 2008 Fall General Concerns Add/Drop Deadlines Unassigned Completed
13.02 2008 Fall General Concerns Changes to TBA Hour Policies Unassigned Completed
13.03 2008 Fall General Concerns Academic Integrity Resource Library Unassigned In Progress
13.04 2008 Fall General Concerns Title 5 Searches Unassigned Found Not Feasible
13.05 2008 Fall General Concerns Encouraging Non-Faculty Guests to Attend Plenary Sessions Unassigned Completed
13.03 2001 Fall General Concerns Community College Admission of Minor K-12 Students Unassigned Completed
13.05 2001 Fall General Concerns Consultants Unassigned Completed
13.01 2001 Spring General Concerns Public Information Unassigned Completed
13.02 2001 Spring General Concerns Corporatization of Academic Administration Unassigned Completed
13.04 2002 Fall General Concerns 75/25 Ratio Unassigned Ongoing
06.01 1991 Fall General Concerns Hazardous Materials Disposal Cost Unassigned Assigned
06.02 1991 Fall General Concerns Hazardous Materials Handling and Disposal Costs Unassigned Assigned
13.01 1994 Fall General Concerns Campus Violence Unassigned Assigned
13.02 1994 Fall General Concerns Appeal Process for SPRE Unassigned Assigned
13.04 1994 Fall General Concerns Maintenance of Chancellors Office and BOG Internet Server Unassigned Assigned
13.05 1994 Fall General Concerns Election Unassigned Assigned
13.07 1994 Fall General Concerns State Center CCD Oakhurst Center Unassigned Assigned
13.08 1994 Fall General Concerns Legislative Information Unassigned Assigned
13.09 1994 Fall General Concerns Effective System Response to Legislature Unassigned Assigned