Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
13.04 2023 Spring General Concerns Resolution in Support of Academic Freedom/Solidarity with Faculty Across the Nation President, Educational Policies Committee Assigned
07.14 2022 Fall General Concerns Reaffirming the Mission and Vision of the California Community Colleges 5C, President
13.05 2022 Spring General Concerns Advocate for State and Local Rising Scholars Funding to Support Faculty Professional Learning Legislative and Advocacy Committee Assigned
13.07 2022 Spring General Concerns Advocate for the Protection of Online Learning Integrity President, Online Education Committee Assigned
13.09 2022 Spring General Concerns Understanding the Impact of Non-Academic Entities on HyFlex Instruction and Preserving the Local Collegial Consultation Process in Determining Local Course Modalities Offerings President, Data and Research Committee Assigned
13.01 2018 Fall General Concerns Provide Sufficient Resources and Adequate Support for AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) Implementation President Assigned
13.01 2018 Spring General Concerns Expanding Competency-Based Instruction through an Online Consortium President Assigned
13.01 2017 Spring General Concerns Support for Federal Funding of Arts and Humanities Programs President Assigned
13.02 2016 Spring General Concerns Resolution on the Importance of Direct Links to the Library on College Websites President Assigned
13.01 2014 Spring General Concerns Researching the Feasibility of the CCC Bachelor's Degree President Completed
13.02 2014 Spring General Concerns Add Established At-Risk Student Groups to Exemptions under Board of Governors Fee Waiver Policy President In Progress
13.03 2014 Spring General Concerns Constructive Dialog on the Expectations for Community College Completion President Not Addressed
13.04 2014 Spring General Concerns Concern Regarding Chancellor’s Office Staffing President Completed
13.01 2013 Fall General Concerns Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness President In Progress
13.02 2013 Spring General Concerns Encouraging Part-time Faculty Participation in and Attendance at Academic Senate Plenaries President Completed
13.04 2013 Spring General Concerns College and Career Readiness President Completed
13.02 2012 Fall General Concerns Redefinition of Student Success President Completed
13.01 2012 Spring General Concerns Noncredit Education and ARCC Reporting President Completed
13.02 2012 Spring General Concerns Arbitrary Targeting of Athletics by the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) President Completed
13.03 2012 Spring General Concerns General Education and American Institutions Certification on Student Transcripts President Completed
13.04 2012 Spring General Concerns Oppose Governor’s 2012-13 Proposals to Cut the CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work Program President Completed
13.05 2012 Spring General Concerns Evaluating Current District Governance Structures President Not Addressed
13.01 2011 Fall General Concerns Supporting Student Access President Assigned
13.02 2011 Fall General Concerns Opposition to the Elimination of Non-CDCP Noncredit Classes President Completed
13.05 2011 Fall General Concerns Support for Student Success Courses President Completed