Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
03.01 2018 Fall Diversity and Equity Non-binary Gender Option on CCCApply Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
07.08 2014 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Remove the Term Remedial from the Student Success Scorecard Scorecard Representatives
08.01 2014 Fall Counseling Recognition for Skills-builder Completion Scorecard Representatives
08.02 2014 Fall Counseling Broaden the Definitions of Success and Completion Scorecard Representatives
11.01 2014 Fall Technology Common System Student Database Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
13.09 2011 Fall General Concerns Professional Concerns Related to California Community College Partnerships with MyEDU Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
13.04 2005 Spring General Concerns Research Research Committee
05.04 2003 Spring Budget and Finance Support of Equitable State Funding for all Community College Students Research Committee
05.04.01 R 2003 Spring Budget and Finance Amendment to Resolution 5.04 Research Committee
05.04.02 R 2003 Spring Budget and Finance Amendment to Resolution 5.04 Research Committee
01.07 1999 Spring Academic Senate Boards and Hiring Research Committee
09.05 2002 Spring Curriculum Resolution Opposing Abbreviated Time Frames For Speech Communication Classes Research Committee
09.06 2002 Spring Curriculum Quality of Instruction Research Committee
14.01 2000 Spring Grading FW Grading Research Committee
21.05 R 2000 Spring Career Technical Education Business Education Statewide Advisory Committee Research Committee