Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
09.08 2021 Spring Curriculum Support Independent Course Alignment for California Virtual Campus Badging Online Education Committee
11.01 2020 Fall Technology Include Meeting Times and Synchronous Designation for Synchronous Online Classes in Class Schedules Online Education Committee
07.01 2019 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Academic Senate Involvement in Online Teaching Conference Planning Online Education Committee
09.04 2019 Spring Curriculum Ensure the Accessibility of Educational Materials Online Education Committee
03.01 2018 Fall Diversity and Equity Non-binary Gender Option on CCCApply Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
09.03 2018 Fall Curriculum Local Adoption of the California Virtual Campus – Online Education Initiative Course Design Rubric Online Education Committee
07.09 2018 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Small and Rural College Participation in Online Education Initiative Course Exchange Online Education Committee
09.03 2018 Spring Curriculum Effective Practices in Online Communication Courses Online Education Committee
09.04 2018 Spring Curriculum Effective Practices in Online Lab Science Courses Online Education Committee
09.02 2017 Fall Curriculum Expand System-wide Online Educational Opportunities Online Education Committee
11.01 2017 Spring Technology Using Savings from Adopting Canvas Online Education Committee
11.01 2016 Spring Technology Update the 2008 Technology Paper Online Education Committee
07.02 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Support for Authorization Reciprocity Agreements Online Education Committee
07.03 2015 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Ensuring Accurate Information in the California Virtual Campus Catalog Online Education Committee
09.01 2015 Fall Curriculum Creation of Local Online Education Rubrics Online Education Committee
09.07 2015 Fall Curriculum Definition of Regular, Effective, and Substantive Contact Online Education Committee
09.10 2015 Fall Curriculum Professional Guidelines and Effective Practices for Using Publisher Generated Course Materials Online Education Committee
11.01 2014 Fall Technology Common System Student Database Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
07.01 2014 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Explore Participation in State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) for Distance Education Offerings Online Education Committee
01.02 2013 Spring Academic Senate Periodic Evaluation of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Operational Oversight Task Force
01.04 2013 Spring Academic Senate Academic Senate Annual Report on Accomplishments and Operations Operational Oversight Task Force
09.03 2013 Spring Curriculum Conditions of Enrollment for Online Instruction Online Education Committee
09.04 2013 Spring Curriculum Investigate and Determine Appropriateness of Massive Open Online Courses Online Education Committee
13.03 2013 Spring General Concerns Aligning Attendance Accounting for Credit Distance Education Courses with Credit Onsite Courses Online Education Committee
19.06 2013 Spring Professional Standards Certification of Faculty to Teach Distance Education Courses Online Education Committee