Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
09.01 2021 Fall Curriculum Adding Culturally Responsive Curriculum, Equity Mindedness and Anti-Racism to Course Outline of Record (COR) Requirements in Title 5 Curriculum Committee, 5C Assigned
09.04 2021 Spring Curriculum Update Title 5 Language for Section 55070 Credit Certificates 5C Assigned
09.03 2016 Spring Curriculum Criteria for Recording Low-Unit Certificates on Student Transcripts 5C Assigned
09.04 2016 Spring Curriculum Flexibility in Awarding Unit Credit for Cooperative Work Experience 5C Assigned
09.05 2016 Spring Curriculum Modify Regulations on Certificates of Achievement for Greater Access to Federal Financial Aid 5C Assigned
09.08 2016 Spring Curriculum Associate Degree for Transfer in Music 5C Assigned
09.02 2015 Fall Curriculum Defining the Parameters of the California Community College Baccalaureate Degree in Title 5 5C Completed
09.03 2015 Fall Curriculum Baccalaureate Level General Education at the California Community Colleges 5C Completed
09.04 2015 Fall Curriculum Limitations on Enrollment and Admission Criteria for Baccalaureate Programs 5C In Progress
09.09 2015 Fall Curriculum Revisit the Title 5 Definition of the Credit Hour 5C In Progress
09.14 2015 Fall Curriculum Resolution in Support of Credit ESL 5C Ongoing
09.01 2014 Fall Curriculum Local Degrees for Transfer and General Education Requirements 5C In Progress
09.02 2014 Fall Curriculum Reporting Data on Low Unit Certificates 5C Assigned
09.03 2014 Fall Curriculum Reinstating Local Approval of Stand-Alone Courses 5C Completed
09.04 2014 Spring Curriculum Consistency in Data Mart English as a Second Language Basic Skills Progress Tracker 5C Assigned
09.02 2013 Fall Curriculum Modify Title 5 Language to Include Credit by Examination Processes into §55051 Articulation of High School Courses to Simplify the Awarding of Credit for Articulated High School Courses 5C In Progress
09.03 2011 Fall Curriculum Add a Kinesiology Taxonomy of Programs (TOP) Code to the Curriculum Inventory 5C Completed
09.04 2011 Fall Curriculum Change to Title 5 §58162 “175 Hour Rule” for Student-Athletes 5C Completed
09.05 2011 Fall Curriculum Amend “Recommendations Regarding Repeatability” 5C
09.06 2011 Fall Curriculum Limits on Leveled Courses 5C Completed
09.07 2011 Fall Curriculum Amend and Endorse “Recommendations Regarding Repeatability” 5C Completed
09.08 2011 Fall Curriculum Clarification of Implementation of Recommendations Regarding Repeatability 5C Completed
09.09 2011 Fall Curriculum Equity in Length of Time Between Semester and Quarter Terms 5C Completed
09.02 2009 Spring Curriculum Communication and Computation Prerequisite Validation through Content Review 5C Completed
09.08 2006 Fall Curriculum Use of the Paper "The Role of Noncredit in the California Community Colleges" Relations with Local Senates Committee Completed