Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
09.06 2022 Spring Curriculum Professional Learning Support for Increased Faculty Understanding and Further Discussion on the Impact of AB928 (Berman, 2021) Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2021 on Local Colleges President, Curriculum Committee
09.09 2016 Spring Curriculum Z-Degrees and Faculty Primacy President
09.05 2015 Fall Curriculum Upper Division General Education Curriculum for Baccalaureate Pilot Programs President
09.06 2015 Fall Curriculum Support for Baccalaureate Pilot Programs President
09.04 2014 Fall Curriculum Faculty Inclusion in Development and Implementation of Community College Baccalaureate Degrees President
09.09 2014 Fall Curriculum Development of a Curriculum Platform President
09.13 2014 Fall Curriculum Future Direction for C-ID President
09.02 2014 Spring Curriculum Changes to Recent Community College Repeatability Regulations President
09.03 2014 Spring Curriculum Statewide Curriculum Coordination President
09.02 2013 Spring Curriculum Regional Conjoint Programs President
09.05 2013 Spring Curriculum Eliminating the Word “Discipline” in the Taxonomy of Programs President
09.06 2013 Spring Curriculum Dance TOP Codes President
09.07 2013 Spring Curriculum Study of Course Unit Loads for High Unit Majors President
09.08 2013 Spring Curriculum Timely Notification of Changes to Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Narratives and Templates President
09.02 2012 Fall Curriculum Protecting Local Degrees President
09.03 2012 Fall Curriculum Application of C-ID Descriptors to General Education Areas and Courses President
09.01 2012 Spring Curriculum Establish Role of Faculty Discipline Review Groups (FDRGs) President
09.10 2011 Fall Curriculum Responding to Industry Needs Vocational Education Committee
09.01 2011 Spring Curriculum College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam Equivalency List President
09.02 2011 Spring Curriculum Cap on Total Units President
09.03 2011 Spring Curriculum Eliminate Repeatability for “Activity” Courses President
09.06 2011 Spring Curriculum Accelerated Basic Skills President
09.07 2011 Spring Curriculum Support for Transfer Model Curriculum President
09.08 2011 Spring Curriculum Curriculum Opportunities for Physical Education, Kinesiology and Athletics Programs President
09.09 2011 Spring Curriculum Research on Student Success of Community College Athletes President