Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
03.02 2021 Spring Diversity and Equity Establishing Local Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-racism (IDEA) Liaison Relations with Local Senates Committee
06.04 2021 Spring State and Legislative Issues Flexibility in Remote Attendance at Local Academic Senates Relations with Local Senates Committee
11.04 2021 Spring Technology Ensure Compliance with Required Instructional Materials Regulations Relations with Local Senates Committee
12.01 2021 Spring Faculty Development Approve the Paper Going Beyond Development: Faculty Professional Learning—An Academic Senate Obligation to Promote Equity-Minded Practices that Improve Instruction and Student Success 1 Executive Director
13.01 2021 Spring General Concerns Institutionalizing Open Educational Resources Relations with Local Senates Committee
13.02 2021 Spring General Concerns Enabling Display and Use of Faculty Chosen Name and Pronoun Across Campus and all Digital Environments Relations with Local Senates Committee
01.01 2020 Fall Academic Senate Adopt Updated ASCCC Vision, Mission, and Values Statements Executive Director
01.03 2020 Fall Academic Senate Senator Emeritus Status for Janet Fulks Executive Director
03.03 2020 Fall Diversity and Equity Adopt Anti-Racism Education Paper Executive Director
04.01 2020 Fall Articulation and Transfer Adopt the paper Effective and Equitable Transfer Practices in the California Community Colleges Executive Director
10.01 2020 Fall Disciplines List Disciplines List—Registered Behavior Technician Executive Director
10.02 2020 Fall Disciplines List Adopt the Revised and Updated Paper Equivalence to the Minimum Qualifications Executive Director
12.02 2020 Fall Faculty Development Include Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) Events, Courses, and Service as Pre-Approved Activities to Satisfy Flex Requirements Relations with Local Senates Committee
17.01 2020 Fall Local Senates Integration of Guided Pathways Work and Institutional Processes and Structures Relations with Local Senates Committee
19.01 2020 Fall Professional Standards Adopt the Paper Protecting the Future of Academic Freedom in a Time of Great Change Executive Director
20.01 2020 Fall Students The Role of Student Employees in Advancing Faculty Diversification Relations with Local Senates Committee
01.01 2019 Fall Academic Senate Align Terms of Office in Bylaws to Practice Executive Director
01.02 2019 Fall Academic Senate Adopt Instant Runoff Voting Executive Director
01.03 2019 Fall Academic Senate Rotate Plenary Between Areas Executive Director
01.04 2019 Fall Academic Senate Limit Nominations from the Floor Executive Director
01.05 2019 Fall Academic Senate Reverse the Order of the Area, North/South, and At-Large Representative Elections Executive Director
01.06 2019 Fall Academic Senate Term Limits of Three One-year Terms for Officers and Two Two-year Terms for Representatives Executive Director
01.07 2019 Fall Academic Senate Clarify Nomination Process and Eliminate “Trickling” Executive Director
01.08 2019 Fall Academic Senate Academic Senate Resources for Serving Students with Disabilities Executive Director
01.09 2019 Fall Academic Senate Academic Senate Caucus Restructuring Executive Director