Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
03.01 2019 Fall Diversity and Equity Assessing Student Equity and Achievement Program Contribution to Guided Pathways Implementation Guided Pathways Task Force
13.01 2019 Fall General Concerns Collegial Consultation during Implementation of Guided Pathways Guided Pathways Task Force
18.01 2018 Fall Matriculation Guided Self-Placement Guided Pathways Task Force
13.02 2018 Spring General Concerns Guided Pathways Handbook Guided Pathways Task Force
13.03 2018 Spring General Concerns Research on Guided Pathways Outcomes in California Guided Pathways Task Force
17.01 2018 Spring Local Senates Noncredit Instruction in Guided Pathways Efforts Guided Pathways Task Force
09.01 2017 Fall Curriculum College Autonomy and Faculty Purview for Determining Meta Majors or Areas of Focus Guided Pathways Task Force
17.02 2017 Fall Local Senates Local Academic Senate Role in Developing and Implementing Guided Pathways Frameworks Guided Pathways Task Force
17.08 2017 Fall Local Senates Inclusion of Library Faculty on College Cross-Functional Teams for Guided Pathways and Other Student Success Initiatives Guided Pathways Task Force
01.02 2013 Spring Academic Senate Periodic Evaluation of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Operational Oversight Task Force
01.04 2013 Spring Academic Senate Academic Senate Annual Report on Accomplishments and Operations Operational Oversight Task Force
09.01 2007 Spring Curriculum Defining the Types of Associate Degrees AA/AS Ad Hoc