Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 2018 Fall Academic Senate Academic Senate for the California Online Community College President
01.05 2018 Fall Academic Senate Faculty Role in the California Online Community College President
01.02 2018 Spring Academic Senate Resolution Honoring Rich Hansen President
01.02 2016 Spring Academic Senate Honor and Thank Emeritus Chancellor Brice Harris President
01.05 2013 Spring Academic Senate Institute and Plenary Sessions on Facilities Planning President
01.01 2012 Fall Academic Senate Support and Advocacy for Regulatory Mechanisms That Ensure Faculty Recommendations on Academic and Professional Matters are Given Their Fullest Consideration President
01.04 2012 Fall Academic Senate Supporting City College of San Francisco and Its Faculty President
01.03 2010 Fall Academic Senate Professional Development for Successful Implementation of SB 1440 and AB 2302 President
01.02 2010 Spring Academic Senate Plan to Infuse Cultural Competence Equity and Diversity Action Committee
01.07 2010 Spring Academic Senate Faculty Hiring Resources Equity and Diversity Action Committee
01.05 2009 Fall Academic Senate Budget Training for Local Senates President
01.02 2009 Spring Academic Senate Assessment of Inclusive Practices Equity and Diversity Action Committee
01.04 2009 Spring Academic Senate Creation of a Sustainability Task Force President
01.03 2007 Fall Academic Senate Promotion of Participatory Governance Training President
01.04 2007 Fall Academic Senate Resolution Congratulating Marty Hittelman President
01.05 2007 Spring Academic Senate Education Opportunity to Improve Effective Governance President
01.03 2006 Fall Academic Senate Support for Compton/El Camino College District President
01.04 2006 Fall Academic Senate Support for Hartnell College President
01.01 2006 Spring Academic Senate AAUP's Campaign for the Common Good President
01.05 2006 Spring Academic Senate Continued Recognition of Compton College as a Member Senate President
01.06 2005 Fall Academic Senate Promoting Academic Senate Awards President
01.02 2003 Spring Academic Senate Academic Senate 2003-2004 Budget President
01.01 2008 Spring Academic Senate Suspend Rules to Test New Ballots President
01.02 2001 Fall Academic Senate Appreciation of Staff President
01.01 2001 Spring Academic Senate Leadership Development President