Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.03 1997 Fall Academic Senate Archives Online President
01.04 1997 Fall Academic Senate Scheduling of Area Meetings (Non-Urgent from Spring 97) President
01.05 1997 Fall Academic Senate Timing of Senate Resolutions President
03.01 1997 Fall Equity and Diversity Gender Equity in the Education Code President
03.05 1997 Fall Equity and Diversity Sexual Orientation President
05.02 1997 Fall Budget and Finance Performance Based Funding President
05.05 1997 Fall Budget and Finance Rejection of Funding Mechanisms President
05.06 1997 Fall Budget and Finance Funding Mechanisms and Academic Rigor President
05.07 1997 Fall Budget and Finance Public Debate and Funding Mechanisms President
07.02 1997 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office "Advisories" Issued by the Chancellor's Office President
09.08 1997 Fall Curriculum Prerequisite Research President
09.14 1997 Fall Curriculum Curriculum Committees and Alternative Modes of Delivery President
11.01 1997 Fall Technology Technology Mediated Instruction (See Appendix) President
11.07 1997 Fall Technology Distance Education Regulation Enforcement President
19.05 1997 Fall Professional Standards Reaffirm Position of Not Encouraging Part-time Faculty Employment President
20.01 1997 Fall Students Textbook Pricing (See Appendix) President
22.03 1997 Fall Financial Aid Distribution of and Accountability for TANF funds President
22.04 1997 Fall Financial Aid Senate President Signature on CalWORKs Applications President
07.01 1997 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Special Projects Advisory and Review Council (SPARC) President
11.05 1997 Spring Technology Publicize Senate E-Mail/Web Page Numbers President
13.01 1997 Spring General Concerns Debt for Nature Swap for Headwater Forest President
19.01 1997 Spring Professional Standards Hiring Practices and Implementation President
20.01 1997 Spring Students Student Material Fee President
20.02 1997 Spring Students IRS Ruling President