Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
04.01 1996 Fall Articulation and Transfer Competencies in Mathematics President
04.02 1996 Fall Articulation and Transfer Content Standards in English and Math President
04.03 1996 Fall Articulation and Transfer English Content Standards President
06.05 1996 Fall State and Legislative Issues 75/25 Compliance President
15.01 1996 Fall Intersegmental Issues California State University Remedial Policy Commendation President
01.02 1996 Spring Academic Senate Chancellors Selection Process President
02.09 1996 Spring Accreditation Local Senates and Faculty on Teams President
03.00 1996 Spring Diversity and Equity Adoption of Affirmative Action Regulations President
04.01 1996 Spring Articulation and Transfer Common Course Numbering President
06.07 1996 Spring State and Legislative Issues Title 5: "Shall" Means Mandatory President
09.04 1996 Spring Curriculum Adoption of "Program Review: Developing a Faculty Driven Process" President
10.01 1996 Spring Disciplines List Changes in Disciplines List President
10.12 1996 Spring Disciplines List Engineering Technology President
13.02 1996 Spring General Concerns Training Grant Readers President
13.04 1996 Spring General Concerns Adoption of "Toward a Nonviolent Campus Climate: Conflict Resolution" President
14.01 1996 Spring Grading Adoption of the Plus/Minus Paper President
14.02 1996 Spring Grading Plus/Minus Implementation President
16.01 1996 Spring Library and Learning Resources Adoption of Library Faculty Paper President
17.02 1996 Spring Local Senates Adoption of the Senate/Union Relations Document President
19.02 1996 Spring Professional Standards Adoption of the COFO Faculty Equity Statement President
19.14 1996 Spring Professional Standards Adoption of "The Uses of Part-time Faculty in CCC" President
20.03 1996 Spring Students Health Services Regulations President