Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.04 2002 Fall Academic Senate Paid Reassigned Time for Faculty Representatives President
02.01 2002 Fall Accreditation Use of Current Measures Absent "Clear Showing of Inadequacy" President
02.02 2002 Fall Accreditation Insistence on Academic and Institutional Excellence in the Self-study Process President
02.06 2002 Fall Accreditation Continued Use of Current Standards and Redirection of Professional Development Resources President
02.07 2002 Fall Accreditation Continued Coalition of Faculty Organizations to Address Imposition of Standards President
02.10 2002 Fall Accreditation Resisting Imposition of Learner Outcomes Assessment President
02.11 2002 Fall Accreditation Request the Commission to Solicit Input from Pilot Institutions President
02.15 R 2002 Fall Accreditation Guidelines and Technical Assistance for Colleges Being Accredited in Fall 2004 President
05.07 2002 Fall Budget and Finance Adequate Funding President
06.03 2002 Fall State and Legislative Issues Response of the Academic Senate to the Master Plan President
06.05 2002 Fall State and Legislative Issues Yes On Proposition 47 President
13.01 2002 Fall General Concerns Protection of Educational Discourse and Diverse Perspectives President
13.02 2002 Fall General Concerns War with Iraq President
13.03 2002 Fall General Concerns Global, Social, and Economic Awareness President
15.02 2002 Fall Intersegmental Issues CSU Dual Admissions Program President
17.01 2002 Fall Local Senates Reassigned Time for Faculty Leadership Responsibilities President
17.02 2002 Fall Local Senates Support for Senates Fighting for Shared Governance President
19.01 2002 Fall Professional Standards Conference on Defining the Professional Expectations of Faculty President
20.02 2002 Fall Students Opposition to Mandatory FAFSA for BOGW students President
01.03 2002 Spring Academic Senate Faculty Appointment to the Board of Governors President
03.02 2002 Spring Equity and Diversity Hiring/Diversity President
07.01 2002 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Faculty Representation on CCLI Advisory Committee President
07.02 2002 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Academic Senate Participation in CCLI President
07.03 2002 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Matriculation President
08.02 2002 Spring Counseling Counseling Faculty President