Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 2008 Spring Academic Senate Suspend Rules to Test New Ballots President
05.01 2008 Spring Budget and Finance Monitoring of Local Budget Process President
09.01 2008 Spring Curriculum Support for Updated IGETC Standards Document President
13.02 2008 Spring General Concerns The Impact of Increasing Class Size on Learning and Safety in Lab Courses President
14.03 2008 Spring Grading Academic Integrity President
15.01 2008 Spring Intersegmental Issues Preparation for Community College President
15.02 2008 Spring Intersegmental Issues Support for K-12 Excellence in Teaching and Learning President
17.01 2008 Spring Local Senates Faculty Involvement in Noncredit Issues President
17.02 2008 Spring Local Senates Responding to ARCC Reports President
19.02 2008 Spring Professional Standards Support for Library and Counseling Faculty Participation in Participatory Governance and Professional Development President
20.02 2008 Spring Students Student E-Voter Registration Act of 2007 President
21.01 2008 Spring Career Technical Education The Effect of Expanding Nursing Programs President
21.02 2008 Spring Career Technical Education Setting Accountability Targets for Perkins IV President