Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.05 2009 Fall Academic Senate Budget Training for Local Senates President
02.01 2009 Fall Accreditation Library TTIP Funding President
04.02 2009 Fall Articulation and Transfer Maintain Local Autonomy over Degree Requirements President
05.02 2009 Fall Budget and Finance Budget Primer Resolution President
05.03 2009 Fall Budget and Finance Budget Considerations Paper Follow Up President
05.04 2009 Fall Budget and Finance Use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funds President
05.05 2009 Fall Budget and Finance Local Control of Workload Reductions President
06.01 2009 Fall State and Legislative Issues Tracking Direct Costs of Instruction and Administrative Costs President
07.01 2009 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Renew Commitment to Consultation Council President
07.02 2009 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Identify Problematic Title 5 Regulations President
09.01 2009 Fall Curriculum Appropriate Noncredit Accountability Measures President
10.01 2009 Fall Disciplines List Employment Retention after Minimum Qualification Changes President
13.01 2009 Fall General Concerns CLASS Initiative President
13.02 2009 Fall General Concerns Institutional Review Board President
13.03 2009 Fall General Concerns Opposition to the Accelerated Learning College (ALC) proposal President
13.05 2009 Fall General Concerns Freedom of Speech President
13.06 2009 Fall General Concerns Faculty Collaboration with the Research and Planning Group President
15.01 2009 Fall Intersegmental Issues Adopt ICAS Statement on Competencies in Mathematics President
15.02 2009 Fall Intersegmental Issues Re-Evaluate CSU Service Areas President
18.01 2009 Fall Matriculation Early Assessment Program (EAP) Funding and Implementation President
18.02 2009 Fall Matriculation Early Assessment Program (EAP) Validity and Placement Clarification President
01.04 2009 Spring Academic Senate Creation of a Sustainability Task Force President
02.01 2009 Spring Accreditation Providing Faculty Names for ACCJC Visiting Teams President
02.03 2009 Spring Accreditation Developing Processes for Faculty Participation on Accrediting Teams President
02.04 2009 Spring Accreditation ACCJC Communications President