Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 2012 Fall Academic Senate Support and Advocacy for Regulatory Mechanisms That Ensure Faculty Recommendations on Academic and Professional Matters are Given Their Fullest Consideration President
01.04 2012 Fall Academic Senate Supporting City College of San Francisco and Its Faculty President
03.01 2012 Fall Equity and Diversity Student Progression and Achievement Rates (SPAR) and Socioeconomic Status President
07.01 2012 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Reporting Contextualized Data on ARCC President
09.02 2012 Fall Curriculum Protecting Local Degrees President
09.03 2012 Fall Curriculum Application of C-ID Descriptors to General Education Areas and Courses President
13.02 2012 Fall General Concerns Redefinition of Student Success President
15.01 2012 Fall Intersegmental Issues Endorse Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and English President
15.02 2012 Fall Intersegmental Issues Concerns about CSU Local Service Areas and Priority Admission President
15.03 2012 Fall Intersegmental Issues Discuss the 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education in California President
17.02 2012 Fall Local Senates Faculty Involvement in Grant-funded Efforts Related to Academic and Professional Matters President
17.03 2012 Fall Local Senates Integration of Grants With College Planning and Budget Processes President
19.02 2012 Fall Professional Standards Update 2000 Paper Faculty Development: A Senate Issue President
21.01 2012 Fall Career Technical Education Explore the Transcription of Low-unit Career Technical Education Certificates President
06.01 2012 Spring State and Legislative Issues Limit Taxpayer-funded, Need-Based Financial Aid to Public and Private Nonprofit Colleges Only President
06.02 2012 Spring State and Legislative Issues Early Childhood Education President
06.03 2012 Spring State and Legislative Issues Student Success Infrastructure Act of 2012 President
06.04 2012 Spring State and Legislative Issues Tiered Fees in the California Community Colleges President
06.05 2012 Spring State and Legislative Issues Support for Middle Class Scholarship Act President
07.01 2012 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Role of California Community College Libraries in the Implementation of the Student Success Task Force Recommendations President
09.01 2012 Spring Curriculum Establish Role of Faculty Discipline Review Groups (FDRGs) President
13.01 2012 Spring General Concerns Noncredit Education and ARCC Reporting President
13.02 2012 Spring General Concerns Arbitrary Targeting of Athletics by the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) President
13.03 2012 Spring General Concerns General Education and American Institutions Certification on Student Transcripts President
13.04 2012 Spring General Concerns Oppose Governor’s 2012-13 Proposals to Cut the CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work Program President