Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
02.01 2013 Fall Accreditation ASCCC Statement on Accreditation President
02.02 2013 Fall Accreditation Request of ACCJC to Model Effective Self-Evaluation Practices President
02.03 2013 Fall Accreditation Sufficient Advance Notice for Changes to Required ACCJC Annual Reports President
02.04 2013 Fall Accreditation Employ the Term “Action Required” Rather Than “Recommendation” for Evaluation Findings That Must Be Addressed by the Two-Year Rule President
02.05 2013 Fall Accreditation Responding to Draft ACCJC Accreditation Standards as They Relate to Libraries and Learning Support Services President
02.06 2013 Fall Accreditation Equitable Access to College Resources for Part-Time Faculty President
02.07 2013 Fall Accreditation Extend Deadline for CCSF to Meet Accreditation Standards President
02.08 2013 Fall Accreditation ACCJC Transparency President
02.09 2013 Fall Accreditation Resolution Affirming Support for Diversity and Equity in Accreditation Standards President
02.10 2013 Fall Accreditation Request of the ACCJC to Evaluate and Improve Inter-rater Reliability of Visiting Teams President
02.11 R 2013 Fall Accreditation Reinserting terms “Academic Senate” and “Curriculum” in Standard IV, Criterion A.4 President
07.01 2013 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Academic Senate Participation in the Online Course Exchange President
08.01 2013 Fall Counseling Counselors as Discipline Experts President
13.01 2013 Fall General Concerns Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness President
01.05 2013 Spring Academic Senate Institute and Plenary Sessions on Facilities Planning President
05.01 2013 Spring Budget and Finance Call for Statewide Conversation on Funding Formulas to Maintain Comprehensive Course and Program Offerings President
07.01 2013 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Timely Notification of Changes to Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Narratives and Templates President
09.02 2013 Spring Curriculum Regional Conjoint Programs President
09.05 2013 Spring Curriculum Eliminating the Word “Discipline” in the Taxonomy of Programs President
09.06 2013 Spring Curriculum Dance TOP Codes President
09.07 2013 Spring Curriculum Study of Course Unit Loads for High Unit Majors President
09.08 2013 Spring Curriculum Timely Notification of Changes to Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Narratives and Templates President
13.02 2013 Spring General Concerns Encouraging Part-time Faculty Participation in and Attendance at Academic Senate Plenaries President
13.04 2013 Spring General Concerns College and Career Readiness President
18.01 2013 Spring Matriculation CCC ESL Assessment for Placement Test President