Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
02.01 2014 Fall Accreditation Student Learning Outcomes and Faculty Evaluation President
02.02 2014 Fall Accreditation Accreditation Evaluation Teams and Commission Actions President
07.01 2014 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Restructure the FON to Include Noncredit Faculty President
07.02 2014 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office ASCCC Involvement in the California Community College Institutional Effectiveness and Technical Assistance Program President
09.04 2014 Fall Curriculum Faculty Inclusion in Development and Implementation of Community College Baccalaureate Degrees President
09.09 2014 Fall Curriculum Development of a Curriculum Platform President
09.13 2014 Fall Curriculum Future Direction for C-ID President
02.01 2014 Spring Accreditation Modify Title 5 to Indicate that California Community Colleges Shall Be Accredited By a Federally Recognized Accrediting Agency President
02.02 2014 Spring Accreditation Submitting Proposed Revisions to the 2014 First Reading Draft of the Eligibility Requirements and Accreditation Standards Through Written and Oral Testimony to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) President
02.04 2014 Spring Accreditation Collaborative Response to Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges 2014 Draft Revised Standards President
05.01 2014 Spring Budget and Finance Oppose Flexibility Allowances Provided in the Governor's January Budget President
05.02 2014 Spring Budget and Finance Endorse Funding for Full-Time Faculty and Addressing Issues with the Faculty Obligation Number (FON) President
07.05 2014 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Research Tools for Program Review President
09.02 2014 Spring Curriculum Changes to Recent Community College Repeatability Regulations President
09.03 2014 Spring Curriculum Statewide Curriculum Coordination President
12.01 2014 Spring Faculty Development Consistent and Sustainable Funding for Professional Development President
13.01 2014 Spring General Concerns Researching the Feasibility of the CCC Bachelor's Degree President
13.02 2014 Spring General Concerns Add Established At-Risk Student Groups to Exemptions under Board of Governors Fee Waiver Policy President
13.03 2014 Spring General Concerns Constructive Dialog on the Expectations for Community College Completion President
13.04 2014 Spring General Concerns Concern Regarding Chancellor’s Office Staffing President
14.02 2014 Spring Grading Local Use of Available Noncredit Progress Indicators President
15.01 2014 Spring Intersegmental Issues IGETC for High Unit Majors President