Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
21.01 2021 Spring Career Technical Education Collaborate with Regional Consortia CTE Leadership Committee
21.02 2021 Spring Career Technical Education Prioritizing System Support for the ECE/EDU Education and Human Development Sector CTE Leadership Committee
19.01 2019 Fall Professional Standards Encourage Utilization of Career Technical Education Faculty Minimum Qualifications Toolkit Resources for Hiring in Career Technical Education Disciplines CTE Leadership Committee
21.01 2019 Fall Career Technical Education Update Chancellor’s Office Document Alternatives to In-Person Consultations: Cooperative Work Experience Education CTE Leadership Committee
13.05 2018 Spring General Concerns Develop a Paper on Career and Technical Education, Cooperative Work Experience, Internship, and Apprenticeship Programs CTE Leadership Committee
09.03 2017 Fall Curriculum Online CTE Programs and Competency-Based Instruction CTE Leadership Committee
21.01 2016 Fall Career Technical Education Faculty Participation in Career Technical Education Regional Consortia Governance CTE Leadership Committee
21.02 2016 Fall Career Technical Education Identify and Disseminate Effective Practices for Career Technical Education Advisory Committees CTE Leadership Committee
21.03 2016 Fall Career Technical Education Institute for Counseling Faculty Focused on Career Technical Education CTE Leadership Committee
21.04 2016 Fall Career Technical Education Career Technical Education Professional Development for Faculty Internships and Mentoring CTE Leadership Committee
21.05 2016 Fall Career Technical Education Support for Career Technical Education Programs CTE Leadership Committee
18.04 2016 Spring Matriculation Increase Awareness of High School Articulation Resources CTE Leadership Committee
17.02 2015 Spring Local Senates Establishing Local CTE Liaison Position CTE Leadership Committee
13.07 R 2006 Spring General Concerns Postponement of 80% Resolutions Unassigned
15.02 2006 Spring Intersegmental Issues ESL Students in California Public Higher Education Unassigned
19.03 2006 Spring Professional Standards Academic Freedom and the 60% Law Unassigned
20.02 2006 Spring Career Technical Education Occupational Programs and the 60% Limitation on Part-Time Unassigned
01.07 R 2005 Fall Academic Senate Creation of a Statewide Listserv Unassigned
05.02 R 2005 Spring Budget and Finance Noncredit Funding Unassigned
07.01 2005 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office GASB Requirement Unassigned
10.03 2005 Spring Disciplines List Disciplines List - Speech Communication Unassigned
10.04 2005 Spring Disciplines List Disciplines List - Agriculture Unassigned
10.05 2005 Spring Disciplines List Disciplines List - Automotive Mechanics Unassigned
10.06 2005 Spring Disciplines List Disciplines List - Drafting Unassigned
19.01 2005 Spring Professional Standards Local Policies on Academic Freedom Unassigned