Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.02 1995 Fall Academic Senate Continued Development of Faculty Vision Statement Unassigned
01.03 1995 Fall Academic Senate Vision Conference Unassigned
01.05 1995 Fall Academic Senate Election Procedure Changes Unassigned
01.07 1995 Fall Academic Senate Electronic Distribution of Documents Unassigned
01.08 1995 Fall Academic Senate Urgency Appeals Process Unassigned
01.09 1995 Fall Academic Senate Summaries of Position Papers Unassigned
02.02 1995 Fall Accreditation Revision of Standards Unassigned
02.04 1995 Fall Accreditation Part-time Faculty -Participation in Accreditation Unassigned
02.05 1995 Fall Accreditation Revised Standards Unassigned
03.01 1995 Fall Diversity and Equity Support for Diversity Unassigned
03.02 1995 Fall Diversity and Equity Future Staff Diversity Unassigned
04.01 1995 Fall Articulation and Transfer Toward a Common Course Numbering System Unassigned
04.04 1995 Fall Articulation and Transfer CSU Policy to Eliminate Remedial Education Unassigned
04.05 1995 Fall Articulation and Transfer Repeal Common Course Numbering Resolutions Unassigned
04.06 1995 Fall Articulation and Transfer California Pathways Unassigned
04.07 1995 Fall Articulation and Transfer CSU Remediation Proposal Unassigned
06.01 1995 Fall State and Legislative Issues Legislative Review of Boards Unassigned
08.01 1995 Fall Counseling Career Counseling and One-Stop Career Center Unassigned
09.01 1995 Fall Curriculum Components of a Model Course Outline of Record Unassigned
09.05 1995 Fall Curriculum Breakout Sessions on Lecture/Lab Issues Unassigned
09.06 1995 Fall Curriculum Delegation Checklist Revision Unassigned
09.09 1995 Fall Curriculum Variations in Adopting Prerequisite Policies Unassigned
09.15 1995 Fall Curriculum Education Round Table Initiatives Unassigned
11.01 1995 Fall Distance Learning Curriculum Committee Review of Distance Learning Courses and Sections Unassigned
12.01 1995 Fall Faculty Development Appropriateness of Flex Activities Unassigned