Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.02 1997 Spring Academic Senate Faculty Perspective on the Future Unassigned
01.05 1997 Spring Academic Senate Redefining "Faculty Productivity" Unassigned
03.01 1997 Spring Equity and Diversity Systemwide Anti-discrimination Statement Change Equity and Diversity Action Committee
04.01 1997 Spring Articulation and Transfer CAN - Articulation Unassigned
05.01 1997 Spring Budget and Finance Faculty and Budget Development Unassigned
05.02 1997 Spring Budget and Finance Alternative Funding Mechanisms Unassigned
06.01 1997 Spring State and Legislative Issues Faculty Hiring: 75:25 Ratio Standards and Practices Committee
06.02 1997 Spring State and Legislative Issues Part-Time Faculty Office Hours Legislative and Advocacy Committee
06.05 1997 Spring State and Legislative Issues State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Legislative and Advocacy Committee
07.01 1997 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Special Projects Advisory and Review Council (SPARC) President
07.02 1997 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Chancellor's E-mail Relations with Local Senates Committee
08.01 1997 Spring Counseling Standards of Practice for California Community College Counseling Programs Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
09.01 1997 Spring Curriculum Adoption of "Good Practice for the Implementation of Prerequisites" Document Curriculum Committee
09.02 1997 Spring Curriculum Adoption of "Regional Curriculum Colloquia and Delegated Approval Authority" Document Curriculum Committee
09.03 1997 Spring Curriculum Senate Basic Skills Task Force Unassigned
09.05 1997 Spring Curriculum Curriculum Model Unassigned
09.06 1997 Spring Curriculum Adherence to Distance Education Curriculum Review Requirements Unassigned
10.01 1997 Spring Disciplines List Modification of Disciplines Review Process Standards and Practices Committee
11.01 1997 Spring Technology Face-to-face Requirement for Distance Learning Unassigned
11.02 1997 Spring Technology Underutilized Senate Technology Unassigned
11.03 1997 Spring Technology Senate and Technology Unassigned
11.04 1997 Spring Technology Technology Sessions Technology Committee
11.05 1997 Spring Technology Publicize Senate E-Mail/Web Page Numbers President
11.06 1997 Spring Technology Local Technology Master Plans Unassigned
11.08 1997 Spring Technology Technology Institute Technology Committee