Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
01.00 1992 Spring Matriculation Multiple Measures Unassigned Assigned
01.01 1992 Spring Academic Senate Relations with Faculty Organizations Unassigned Assigned
01.02 1992 Spring Academic Senate Academic Senate/FACCC Relationship Unassigned Assigned
01.03 1992 Spring Academic Senate Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates Unassigned Assigned
01.04 1992 Spring Academic Senate 50% Law--Librarians and Counselors Unassigned Assigned
01.05 1992 Spring Academic Senate 50% Law--Counselors and Librarians Unassigned Assigned
01.06 1992 Spring Academic Senate Master Plan for Academic Senate Publications Unassigned Assigned
02.00 1992 Spring Career Technical Education Funding for Vocational Education/Impact of Program Based Funding Unassigned Assigned
02.01 1992 Spring Accreditation Accreditation Paper Unassigned Assigned
02.02 1992 Spring Accreditation Participation in Accrediting Process Unassigned Assigned
03.00 1992 Spring Curriculum Common Discipline Curriculum Transfer and Articulation Committee Completed
03.01 1992 Spring Diversity and Equity Affirmative Action, Not-for-Credit Faculty Hiring Process Unassigned Assigned
03.02 1992 Spring Diversity and Equity Affirmative Action/Contract Education Unassigned Assigned
03.03 1992 Spring Diversity and Equity Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity Unassigned Assigned
04.00 1992 Spring Academic Senate Counselors Unassigned Assigned
04.01 1992 Spring Curriculum International Education/Study Abroad Unassigned Assigned
04.02 1992 Spring Curriculum Strengthening Curriculum Review Processes Unassigned Assigned
04.03 1992 Spring Curriculum Articulation of Basic Skills Within the Community Colleges Unassigned Assigned
05.00 1992 Spring Students Student Fees Unassigned Assigned
05.01 1992 Spring Faculty Development Staff Development Funding Unassigned Assigned
05.02 1992 Spring Faculty Development Expanded Professional Responsibilities Unassigned Assigned
06.00 1992 Spring Students Students in Governance Unassigned Assigned
06.01 1992 Spring General Concerns Program Review Unassigned Assigned
06.02 1992 Spring General Concerns Collegiality Unassigned Assigned
06.03 1992 Spring General Concerns Funding Unassigned Assigned