Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 2010 Fall Academic Senate Bylaws Change Executive Director
01.02 2010 Fall Academic Senate Separation of Accreditation and SLO Committee into Two Committees Executive Director
01.03 2010 Fall Academic Senate Professional Development for Successful Implementation of SB 1440 and AB 2302 President
01.04 2010 Fall Academic Senate Use of Technology during Executive Committee Elections Standards and Practices Committee
01.05 2010 Fall Academic Senate Creation of a Part-Time Faculty Member of the Year Award Standards and Practices Committee
17.01 2010 Fall Local Senates Responses to Violations of Law, Policy, and Procedure Educational Policies Committee
01.01 2010 Spring Academic Senate Bylaws Changes to Establish Caucuses Standards and Practices Committee
01.02 2010 Spring Academic Senate Plan to Infuse Cultural Competence Equity and Diversity Action Committee
01.03 2010 Spring Academic Senate Noncredit Standing Committee Executive Director
01.04 2010 Spring Academic Senate Increasing the Pool of Faculty for Academic Senate Service Nominations Committee
01.05 2010 Spring Academic Senate Emeritus for Hoke Simpson Executive Director
01.06 2010 Spring Academic Senate Emeritus for Barbara Davis-Lyman Executive Director
01.07 2010 Spring Academic Senate Faculty Hiring Resources Equity and Diversity Action Committee
01.08 2010 Spring Academic Senate Preparing Faculty for Service on Academic Senate Committees Faculty Leadership Development Committee
01.09 R 2010 Spring Academic Senate Part-time Faculty Participation in the Academic Senate