Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
09.01 2010 Fall Curriculum Developing a Reference Document for Curriculum Curriculum Committee Ongoing
09.02 2010 Fall Curriculum Examining Conversion from TOP to CIP President Assigned
09.03 2010 Fall Curriculum Faculty Responsibilities for CB and SP Codes Curriculum Committee Completed
09.04 2010 Fall Curriculum College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam Applicability to Associate Degree General Education Requirements Transfer and Articulation Committee Completed
09.05 2010 Fall Curriculum Adopt and Publicize California Community College International Baccalaureate List and Template Transfer and Articulation Committee Completed
09.06 2010 Fall Curriculum Adopt the Guiding Principles for SLO Assessment Paper Executive Director Completed
09.07 2010 Fall Curriculum Expediting the Flexibility in Approval of SB 1440 Degrees Curriculum Committee Completed
09.08 2010 Fall Curriculum Credit by Exam Processes Curriculum Committee Completed
09.09 2010 Fall Curriculum Golden Four Grades in New Transfer Degrees President Completed
09.10 2010 Fall Curriculum Double-Counting GE and Major Courses in New Transfer Degrees Curriculum Committee Completed
09.11 2010 Fall Curriculum Adopt Paper Student Success: The Case for Establishing Prerequisites Through Content Review Executive Director Completed
09.12 2010 Fall Curriculum SB 1440 – Universal CSU Transferability C-ID Leadership Completed
09.13 2010 Fall Curriculum Support of Maintaining Academic Standards for Alcohol and Drug Academic Program President Completed
10.01 2010 Fall Disciplines List Reconsideration for Adding Art History to the Disciplines List Standards and Practices Committee Completed
17.01 2010 Fall Local Senates Responses to Violations of Law, Policy, and Procedure Educational Policies Committee Completed
09.01 2010 Spring Curriculum International Baccalaureate (IB) Exam Applicability to Associate Degree General Education Requirements Educational Policies Committee Completed
09.02 2010 Spring Curriculum General Education (GE) Reciprocity Among California Community Colleges President Completed
09.03 2010 Spring Curriculum Granting of Early Childhood Education AA/AS Degrees and Course Credit President Assigned
09.04 2010 Spring Curriculum Defense of Physical Education Programs President Completed
09.05 2010 Spring Curriculum Embedding Program SLOs in Program Review Accreditation Committee Completed
09.06 2010 Spring Curriculum Curricular Priorities Versus Budget-Driven Priorities Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee Completed
09.07 2010 Spring Curriculum Maintain Authority for Determining Basic Skills Coursework President Completed
09.08 2010 Spring Curriculum Application of Rubrics to Recode Noncredit Courses Prior to Transfer (CB 21 Rubrics) President Completed
09.09 2010 Spring Curriculum Disproportionate Course Reductions in Humanities, Fine, Media and Performing Arts, and Physical Education President Completed
10.01 2010 Spring Disciplines List Noncredit Minimum Qualifications Standards and Practices Committee In Progress