Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
17.01 2022 Spring Local Senates Ensuring Adequate Online Education Support for California Community College Faculty and Students
17.02 2022 Spring Local Senates Increase Part-Time Faculty Representation and Communication through Local Part-Time Faculty Liaisons
17.03 2022 Spring Local Senates Faculty Participation in the Creation of Course Enrollment Maximums for Community College Departments and Courses
17.04 2022 Spring Local Senates Ongoing Support for Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Liaisons to Local Colleges
17.01 2021 Fall Local Senates Local Senate Policies Regarding Textbook Adoption
17.01 2020 Fall Local Senates Integration of Guided Pathways Work and Institutional Processes and Structures Relations with Local Senates Committee
17.01 2018 Fall Local Senates Guided Pathways, Strategic Enrollment Management, and Program Planning Educational Policies Committee
17.02 2018 Fall Local Senates Establish Local Open Educational Resources Liaisons Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
17.03 2018 Fall Local Senates Maintaining Academic Rigor in Support of Student Success President
17.01 2018 Spring Local Senates Noncredit Instruction in Guided Pathways Efforts Guided Pathways Task Force
17.02 2018 Spring Local Senates Increase Participatory Governance on Colleges’ Satellite Campuses Relations with Local Senates Committee
17.03 2018 Spring Local Senates Reduce Course Enrollment Maximums as Needed to Satisfy New State Directives Curriculum Committee
17.01 2017 Fall Local Senates Faculty Involvement in Scheduling of Courses Relations with Local Senates Committee
17.02 2017 Fall Local Senates Local Academic Senate Role in Developing and Implementing Guided Pathways Frameworks Guided Pathways Task Force
17.03 2017 Fall Local Senates Local Senate Purview Over Placement of Apprenticeship Courses Within Disciplines Curriculum Committee
17.04 2017 Fall Local Senates Support for Academic Senate Faculty Leadership Training Relations with Local Senates Committee
17.05 2017 Fall Local Senates Academic Senate Role in Appointing Faculty for Guided Pathways Framework Design and Implementation Relations with Local Senates Committee
17.06 2017 Fall Local Senates Support for Local Academic Senates in Committing to a Guided Pathways Framework Relations with Local Senates Committee
17.07 2017 Fall Local Senates Effective Shared Governance through Communication and Collaboration President
17.08 2017 Fall Local Senates Inclusion of Library Faculty on College Cross-Functional Teams for Guided Pathways and Other Student Success Initiatives Guided Pathways Task Force
17.09 R 2017 Fall Local Senates Application of Faculty Policies to Apprenticeship Instructors
17.01 2017 Spring Local Senates Academic Senate Involvement in and Sign-off on Grants and Initiative Plans President
17.02 2017 Spring Local Senates Adequate Support and a Designated Point Person for Formerly Incarcerated Students President
17.03 2017 Spring Local Senates Local Senate Purview and Apprenticeship Programs Curriculum Committee
17.01 2016 Fall Local Senates Posting of Local Equivalency Processes on Websites Standards and Practices Committee