Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
11.01 1997 Fall Technology Technology Mediated Instruction (See Appendix) President Completed
11.02 1997 Fall Technology Regular Personal Contact Unassigned Completed
11.03 1997 Fall Technology Effective Instructor-Student Contact for Distance Education Courses Unassigned Completed
11.05 1997 Fall Technology ICAS and "Face-to-Face" Requirement Unassigned Completed
11.06 1997 Fall Technology Technology Maintenance and Software Unassigned Completed
11.07 1997 Fall Technology Distance Education Regulation Enforcement President Completed
11.08 1997 Fall Technology Inevitability of the Computer Technology Committee Completed
11.09 1997 Fall Technology Definition of the Term "Technology" Technology Committee Completed
11.10 1997 Fall Technology New Calendar for Technological Age Unassigned Completed
11.01 1997 Spring Technology Face-to-face Requirement for Distance Learning Unassigned Completed
11.02 1997 Spring Technology Underutilized Senate Technology Unassigned Completed
11.03 1997 Spring Technology Senate and Technology Unassigned Completed
11.04 1997 Spring Technology Technology Sessions Technology Committee Completed
11.05 1997 Spring Technology Publicize Senate E-Mail/Web Page Numbers President Completed
11.06 1997 Spring Technology Local Technology Master Plans Unassigned Completed
11.08 1997 Spring Technology Technology Institute Technology Committee Completed