Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
14.01 2017 Fall Grading Effective Practices for Allowing Students to Repeat Courses to Alleviate Substandard Grades Educational Policies Committee
14.01 2015 Spring Grading Allowing Faculty to Submit the “Report Delayed” (RD) Symbol for Instances of Student Academic Dishonesty Educational Policies Committee
14.01 2014 Spring Grading Adopt the Paper Awarding Credit Where Credit is due: Effective Practices for the Implementation of Credit by Exam Executive Director
14.02 2014 Spring Grading Local Use of Available Noncredit Progress Indicators President
14.01 2012 Spring Grading Progress Indicator Implementation for Noncredit Coursework 5C
14.01 2006 Fall Grading Minimum Grade Requirement for Associate Degree Courses Curriculum Committee
14.02 R 2006 Fall Grading Grading, Student Equity, and Developing Senate Guidelines Executive Committee
14.01 2005 Fall Grading Student Academic Dishonesty and Grading Educational Policies Committee
14.02 2005 Fall Grading Student Cheating Educational Policies Committee
14.01 2008 Fall Grading Academic Dishonesty Unassigned
14.01 2008 Spring Grading Adoption of the Paper Promoting Thoughtful Faculty Conversations about Grade Distributions Executive Director
14.02 2008 Spring Grading The Value of Grades Educational Policies Committee
14.03 2008 Spring Grading Academic Integrity President
07.01 1991 Fall Grading Grading Policies Unassigned
11.01 1994 Fall Distance Learning Maintaining Capital Outlay Funding Unassigned
11.02 1994 Fall Distance Learning Distance Education Effectiveness Study Unassigned
11.03 1994 Fall Distance Learning Student Support Services Distance Learning Unassigned
11.04 1994 Fall Distance Learning Distance Education Unassigned
11.05 1994 Fall Distance Learning Curriculum Process Task Force Unassigned
10.01 1994 Spring Distance Learning Nontransferable Distance Education Courses Unassigned
10.02 1994 Spring Distance Learning Distance Learning Guidelines Unassigned
10.03 1994 Spring Distance Learning Allocation of Distance Learning Funding Unassigned
10.04 1994 Spring Distance Learning Distance Learning Quality Unassigned
10.05 1994 Spring Distance Learning Distance Learning Innovation Incentives Unassigned
10.06 1994 Spring Distance Learning Distance Learning Model Policy Unassigned