Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 2012 Fall Academic Senate Support and Advocacy for Regulatory Mechanisms That Ensure Faculty Recommendations on Academic and Professional Matters are Given Their Fullest Consideration President
01.02 2012 Fall Academic Senate Part-time Faculty Award Standards and Practices Committee
01.03 2012 Fall Academic Senate Emeritus Status for Greg Gilbert Executive Director
01.04 2012 Fall Academic Senate Supporting City College of San Francisco and Its Faculty President
13.01 2012 Fall General Concerns Automatic Awarding of Earned Degrees or Certificates Educational Policies Committee
13.02 2012 Fall General Concerns Redefinition of Student Success President
01.01 2012 Spring Academic Senate Emeritus Status for Ian Walton Executive Director
01.02 2012 Spring Academic Senate Emeritus Status for Karolyn Hanna Executive Director
01.03 2012 Spring Academic Senate Support Use of “Contact” in Resolutions Executive Director
13.01 2012 Spring General Concerns Noncredit Education and ARCC Reporting President
13.02 2012 Spring General Concerns Arbitrary Targeting of Athletics by the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) President
13.03 2012 Spring General Concerns General Education and American Institutions Certification on Student Transcripts President
13.04 2012 Spring General Concerns Oppose Governor’s 2012-13 Proposals to Cut the CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work Program President
13.05 2012 Spring General Concerns Evaluating Current District Governance Structures President
13.06 2012 Spring General Concerns Success of Latino Student Achievement Equity and Diversity Action Committee
13.07 2012 Spring General Concerns Hiring of Academic Administrators Educational Policies Committee
14.01 2012 Spring Grading Progress Indicator Implementation for Noncredit Coursework 5C