Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
01.01 2008 Fall Academic Senate Amend Academic Senate Election Rules Executive Director Completed
01.02 2008 Fall Academic Senate Amend ASCCC Mission Statement Unassigned Completed
01.03 2008 Fall Academic Senate Change Status of Transfer and Articulation Ad Hoc Committee Unassigned Completed
14.01 2008 Fall Grading Academic Dishonesty Unassigned Completed
01.01 2008 Spring Academic Senate Suspend Rules to Test New Ballots President Completed
01.02 2008 Spring Academic Senate Process to Withdraw a Resolution Unassigned Completed
14.01 2008 Spring Grading Adoption of the Paper Promoting Thoughtful Faculty Conversations about Grade Distributions Executive Director Completed
14.02 2008 Spring Grading The Value of Grades Educational Policies Committee Completed
14.03 2008 Spring Grading Academic Integrity President Completed