Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
01.01 2007 Fall Academic Senate Accreditation Standing Committee Executive Director Completed
01.02 2007 Fall Academic Senate Local Processes for Faculty Appointments Educational Policies Committee Completed
01.03 2007 Fall Academic Senate Promotion of Participatory Governance Training President Completed
01.04 2007 Fall Academic Senate Resolution Congratulating Marty Hittelman President Completed
01.01 2007 Spring Academic Senate Establishment of New Local and District Senates Relations with Local Senates Committee Found Not Feasible
01.02 2007 Spring Academic Senate Ensuring Participatory Governance Relations with Local Senates Committee Completed
01.03 2007 Spring Academic Senate Appointment of Faculty Representatives Relations with Local Senates Committee Completed
01.04 2007 Spring Academic Senate Process for Recommending Changes to Title 5 Regulations Standards and Practices Committee Completed
01.05 2007 Spring Academic Senate Education Opportunity to Improve Effective Governance President Assigned
01.06 2007 Spring Academic Senate Senator Beverly Shue, Emeritus Executive Director Completed