Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
13.01 1996 Fall General Concerns Substitute Motion for Resolution 13.1.0 Relations with Local Senates Committee Completed
13.02 1996 Fall General Concerns Campus Consultants Unassigned Assigned
13.03 1996 Fall General Concerns Teacher Retirement Legislative and Advocacy Committee Completed
13.01 1996 Spring General Concerns Grant Writing Guidelines and Workshop Unassigned Completed
13.02 1996 Spring General Concerns Training Grant Readers President Completed
13.03 1996 Spring General Concerns Grant Availability Unassigned Completed
13.04 1996 Spring General Concerns Adoption of "Toward a Nonviolent Campus Climate: Conflict Resolution" President Completed
13.05 1996 Spring General Concerns Educational Master Planning Technology Committee Completed
14.01 1996 Spring Grading Adoption of the Plus/Minus Paper President Completed
14.02 1996 Spring Grading Plus/Minus Implementation President Completed