Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
08.01 2013 Fall Counseling Counselors as Discipline Experts President Completed
09.01 2013 Fall Curriculum Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) Development and Implementation Guidelines ASCCC representatives to ICW Assigned
09.02 2013 Fall Curriculum Modify Title 5 Language to Include Credit by Examination Processes into §55051 Articulation of High School Courses to Simplify the Awarding of Credit for Articulated High School Courses 5C In Progress
09.03 R 2013 Fall Curriculum Datamart Progress Tracking for California Community College ESL Coding Resolutions Committee Not Addressed
09.01 2013 Spring Curriculum Investigate Regional Coordination of Course Offerings C-ID Leadership In Progress
09.02 2013 Spring Curriculum Regional Conjoint Programs President Not Addressed
09.03 2013 Spring Curriculum Conditions of Enrollment for Online Instruction Online Education Committee In Progress
09.04 2013 Spring Curriculum Investigate and Determine Appropriateness of Massive Open Online Courses Online Education Committee Completed
09.05 2013 Spring Curriculum Eliminating the Word “Discipline” in the Taxonomy of Programs President Not Addressed
09.06 2013 Spring Curriculum Dance TOP Codes President Not Addressed
09.07 2013 Spring Curriculum Study of Course Unit Loads for High Unit Majors President Not Addressed
09.08 2013 Spring Curriculum Timely Notification of Changes to Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Narratives and Templates President Completed