Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
09.01 2000 Fall Curriculum ESL Basic Skills Study Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee
09.02 2000 Fall Curriculum Academic Credit for Student Governance Participation Curriculum Committee
09.03 2000 Fall Curriculum TOP Code Exploration Curriculum Committee
09.04 2000 Fall Curriculum Course Approval for Distance Education Courses Unassigned
09.05 2000 Fall Curriculum Prerequisites Curriculum Committee
09.01 2000 Spring Curriculum Basic Skills Curriculum Committee
09.02 2000 Spring Curriculum State of Basic Skills Instruction in California Community Colleges Executive Director
09.03 2000 Spring Curriculum Status of ESL Courses Curriculum Committee
09.04 2000 Spring Curriculum Common Numeric Taxonomy Unassigned
09.05 2000 Spring Curriculum Community College Articulation Numbering System (CCAN) Model Support Unassigned
09.06 2000 Spring Curriculum Course Outline Cover Sheet Curriculum Committee
09.07 2000 Spring Curriculum Mathematics -- Global Approach Curriculum Committee
09.08 2000 Spring Curriculum Program and Course Approval and Reporting Handbook Curriculum Committee
09.09 2000 Spring Curriculum Stand-alone Course Approval of Counseling and Guidance Classes Unassigned
09.10 2000 Spring Curriculum Title 5 Regulations and Handbook Language Proposed Changes Unassigned
09.11 2000 Spring Curriculum Stand-alone Courses for Counseling Unassigned
09.12 2000 Spring Curriculum Academic Senate Website: Curriculum Executive Director
16.01 2000 Spring Library and Learning Resources Information Competency Curriculum Committee