Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
09.01 1995 Fall Curriculum Components of a Model Course Outline of Record Unassigned
09.05 1995 Fall Curriculum Breakout Sessions on Lecture/Lab Issues Unassigned
09.06 1995 Fall Curriculum Delegation Checklist Revision Unassigned
09.09 1995 Fall Curriculum Variations in Adopting Prerequisite Policies Unassigned
09.15 1995 Fall Curriculum Education Round Table Initiatives Unassigned
16.01 1995 Fall Library and Learning Resources Role of Library Faculty in the California Community Colleges Unassigned
09.01 1995 Spring Curriculum An Integrated Approach to Multicultural Education Unassigned
09.02 1995 Spring Curriculum Certificates of Proficiency Unassigned
09.03 1995 Spring Curriculum Academic Freedom Unassigned