Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
09.01 2009 Fall Curriculum Appropriate Noncredit Accountability Measures President
09.02 2009 Fall Curriculum Update Program Discontinuance: A Faculty Perspective – 1998 Educational Policies Committee
09.03 2009 Fall Curriculum SLO Terminology Glossary Accreditation Committee
09.04 2009 Fall Curriculum Incorporating Civic Engagement in Curriculum Curriculum Committee
09.05 2009 Fall Curriculum Ensuring Rigorous Content Review to Establish Prerequisites Curriculum Committee
09.01 2009 Spring Curriculum Meeting Ethnic Studies Requirement Curriculum Committee
09.02 2009 Spring Curriculum Communication and Computation Prerequisite Validation through Content Review 5C
09.03 2009 Spring Curriculum Pilot Project for Basic Skills Prerequisite Applications to General Education Courses Curriculum Committee
09.04 2009 Spring Curriculum Application of Rubrics to Recode Courses Below Transfer (CB 21* Rubrics) President
09.05 2009 Spring Curriculum Use of Rubrics to Recode Courses Below Transfer (CB 21*) to Create Assessment and Placement Data Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee
09.06 2009 Spring Curriculum Correct Coding for Non-degree Applicable Basic Skills (referred to by MIS as CB08**) versus Degree Applicable Courses President
09.07 2009 Spring Curriculum Support for "CCC Assess" President
09.08 2009 Spring Curriculum In Support of the BSI Literature Review President
09.09 2009 Spring Curriculum Adopt "Program Review: Setting a Standard" Executive Director
09.10 2009 Spring Curriculum Publishing Student Learning Outcomes President
16.01 2009 Spring Library and Learning Resources Develop Standards of Practice Paper for Library Services Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee