Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
09.01 2011 Fall Curriculum Encourage Local Flexibility and Innovation in Revision of Basic Skills Delivery Curriculum Committee
09.02 2011 Fall Curriculum Defining Credit and Noncredit Basic Skills and Basic Skills Apportionment Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee
09.03 2011 Fall Curriculum Add a Kinesiology Taxonomy of Programs (TOP) Code to the Curriculum Inventory 5C
09.04 2011 Fall Curriculum Change to Title 5 §58162 “175 Hour Rule” for Student-Athletes 5C
09.05 2011 Fall Curriculum Amend “Recommendations Regarding Repeatability” 5C
09.06 2011 Fall Curriculum Limits on Leveled Courses 5C
09.07 2011 Fall Curriculum Amend and Endorse “Recommendations Regarding Repeatability” 5C
09.08 2011 Fall Curriculum Clarification of Implementation of Recommendations Regarding Repeatability 5C
09.09 2011 Fall Curriculum Equity in Length of Time Between Semester and Quarter Terms 5C
09.10 2011 Fall Curriculum Responding to Industry Needs Vocational Education Committee
09.01 2011 Spring Curriculum College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam Equivalency List President
09.02 2011 Spring Curriculum Cap on Total Units President
09.03 2011 Spring Curriculum Eliminate Repeatability for “Activity” Courses President
09.04 2011 Spring Curriculum Adopt Implementing Content Review for Communication and Computation Prerequisites Paper Executive Director
09.05 2011 Spring Curriculum Local Senate Oversight of All College Offerings Curriculum Committee
09.06 2011 Spring Curriculum Accelerated Basic Skills President
09.07 2011 Spring Curriculum Support for Transfer Model Curriculum President
09.08 2011 Spring Curriculum Curriculum Opportunities for Physical Education, Kinesiology and Athletics Programs President
09.09 2011 Spring Curriculum Research on Student Success of Community College Athletes President
09.10 2011 Spring Curriculum Study of the 18-Unit Major/Area of Emphasis Requirement for an Associate Degree President
09.11 2011 Spring Curriculum Economic and Transfer Impact of “Recreational Courses” President
09.12 2011 Spring Curriculum Support and Retention of Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Educational Policies Committee
09.13 2011 Spring Curriculum Course Substitutions in TMC-aligned Degrees President