Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
11.01 2021 Fall Technology Equitable Access to Technology President, Online Education Committee Assigned
11.02 2021 Fall Technology Greater Use of Telecommuting and Digital Processes President Assigned
11.01 2021 Spring Technology Urge the Release of Distance Education Guidelines and Related Compendium of Effective Distance Education Practices President Assigned
11.02 2021 Spring Technology Advocate for Development of a ZTC Data Element Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) Assigned
11.03 2021 Spring Technology Advocate for On-Going Funding for the ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI), Executive Director In Progress
11.04 2021 Spring Technology Ensure Compliance with Required Instructional Materials Regulations Relations with Local Senates Committee Assigned
11.01 2020 Fall Technology Include Meeting Times and Synchronous Designation for Synchronous Online Classes in Class Schedules Online Education Committee Assigned
11.01 2019 Spring Technology CCCApply Technical Limitations Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee Assigned
11.02 2019 Spring Technology Ensure Appropriate Processes for System Technology Procurement President Assigned
11.01 2018 Spring Technology Adopt the Paper Ensuring Effective Online Education Programs: A Faculty Perspective Executive Director Completed
11.01 2017 Fall Technology Support for Educational Planning Initiative’s Suite of Tools Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee Assigned
11.01 2017 Spring Technology Using Savings from Adopting Canvas Online Education Committee In Progress
11.02 2017 Spring Technology Expansion of the Online Course Exchange ASCCC representatives to OEI, EPI, CAI Assigned
11.01 2016 Spring Technology Update the 2008 Technology Paper Online Education Committee In Progress
11.01 2014 Fall Technology Common System Student Database Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Assigned
11.01 2012 Fall Technology Pursue Statewide Open Educational Resources for Student Success Technology Committee Assigned
11.01 2012 Spring Technology Creation of Distance Education Effective Practices Resource Online Education Committee Completed
11.01 2011 Fall Technology Consultation Regarding Technology Tools Impacting Student Services Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee Completed
11.01 2007 Fall Technology Support for the Technology III Plan President Assigned
11.01 2006 Fall Technology Total Cost of Information Technology Technology Committee Completed
11.02 2006 Fall Technology High Instructional Standards in all Instructional Modalities Curriculum Committee Completed
11.03 2006 Fall Technology Distance Education Survey Reports Technology Committee Ongoing
11.01 2006 Spring Technology E-texts Technology Committee Completed
11.01 2003 Spring Technology Digital Divide Paper Executive Director Completed
11.01 2008 Spring Technology Adoption of the Paper Ensuring the Appropriate Use of Educational Technology: An Update for Local Academic Senates Executive Director Completed