Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
18.01 2021 Spring Matriculation Ensuring Transparency and Input in Improvements to CCC Apply President
18.01 2020 Fall Matriculation Paper and Resources for Evaluating Placement in English, English as a Second Language, and Mathematics Pathways Curriculum Committee
18.01 2018 Fall Matriculation Guided Self-Placement Guided Pathways Task Force
14.01 2017 Fall Grading Effective Practices for Allowing Students to Repeat Courses to Alleviate Substandard Grades Educational Policies Committee
18.01 2016 Fall Matriculation Local Senate Approval for Participation in Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP) Educational Policies Committee
18.02 2016 Fall Matriculation Validation of Statewide Multiple Measures CAI Representatives
18.03 2016 Fall Matriculation Writing Assessment for the Common Assessment System CAI Representatives
18.01 2016 Spring Matriculation Develop Retesting Guidelines for the Common Assessment Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
18.02 2016 Spring Matriculation Placement Model for Transfer Statistics Using High School Transcript Data Curriculum Committee
18.03 2016 Spring Matriculation Local Determination of Advanced Placement Credit at California Community Colleges Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
18.04 2016 Spring Matriculation Increase Awareness of High School Articulation Resources CTE Leadership Committee
14.01 2015 Spring Grading Allowing Faculty to Submit the “Report Delayed” (RD) Symbol for Instances of Student Academic Dishonesty Educational Policies Committee
18.01 2014 Fall Matriculation Defining Writing Assessment Practices for California Community Colleges ASCCC representatives to OEI, EPI, CAI
14.01 2014 Spring Grading Adopt the Paper Awarding Credit Where Credit is due: Effective Practices for the Implementation of Credit by Exam Executive Director
14.02 2014 Spring Grading Local Use of Available Noncredit Progress Indicators President
18.01 2014 Spring Matriculation Adopt the paper Multiple Measures in Assessment: The Requirements and Challenges of Multiple Measures in the California Community Colleges Executive Director
18.02 2014 Spring Matriculation Research the Impact of Offering Priority Registration to Student-Athletes Task Force
18.01 2013 Fall Matriculation Use of Multiple Measures in Common Statewide Assessment Exams ASCCC representatives to OEI, EPI, CAI
18.01 2013 Spring Matriculation CCC ESL Assessment for Placement Test President
18.01 2012 Fall Matriculation Support the Elimination of the Basic Skills Restriction for Tutoring Apportionment 5C
14.01 2012 Spring Grading Progress Indicator Implementation for Noncredit Coursework 5C
18.01 2011 Spring Matriculation Priority Registration President
18.02 2011 Spring Matriculation Drop/Withdrawal Policies President
18.03 2011 Spring Matriculation Collecting Drop/Withdrawal Data President
18.04 2011 Spring Matriculation Academic Credit for Veterans and Military Service Members Curriculum Committee